1. The sort order of the Sitemap has been changed to put the latest EDITS to the top of this list. (20 May 2019)
            the smallest change and save constitutes an edit :-).
          2. This page and any test, experimental and draft pages will not appear in the list – (that is the plan)!

This sitemap is a different way of listing all the pages on the web site.
You may find pages that are no longer in the header menu.
You may find totally irrelevant information :-).
Pages marked with a “New” flag are relatively new additions.
Pages marked with an  “*” have recently been updated or added to.
Updates and additions to the Calendar (Diary) may have regular changes, however, these updates are not flagged as described above.
You must look through the Diary regularly to see what is new.
(The Intrepid Webmaster)