Kids Camp Out 2019

Kids Campout 2019

Riverina Kids Camp Out 6th-7th April, 2019

This year our theme was “Celebrate Diversity”. Our guest speaker, Peter (Swanny) Swann and his family joined us from his home congregation Gerringong Uniting, where he is employed as the Next Gen Pastor.

Kids Camp Out was held at the Narrandera Racecourse on Saturday and Sunday 6th-7th April. A slightly smaller camp this year, was attended by 50 campers in Years 3- 6 from Coleambally, Coolamon, Narrandera, Wagga Wagga and Gerringong representing Uniting, Baptist, Christian Revival Crusade, Catholic and Fusion communities drawn from local churches and scripture classes across the Riverina. An additional 2 pre-campers, 12 Teenage helpers and 40 adult helpers made up our Kids Camp Out family for the weekend.

This year’s “creative challenge” was to trace around one of the small group members to create a body which was later divided up and used in a “Many parts, One Body” relay game.

Our worship times explored the following:

Talk 1: Jesus chose his disciples – Fishermen, tax collectors etc. Jesus didn’t pick the smartest, prettiest, best people. He picked the people who were overlooked by society to be his followers. (Luke 5:1-11)

Talk 2: First Gentile followers – Jesus wants everyone to follow him. Not just a select group of people. His grace is for all people of all nations. (Acts 10, focussing on 10:34-36)

Talk 3: Different but united – We might come from a variety of cultures or backgrounds, but God has joined us together and we need each other. (1 Cor 12:14-27)

* God has made us different. Sometimes we think these differences aren’t good but God tells us that he wants all sort of people, with all sorts of strengths and weaknesses.

* God made you exactly the way you are. He didn’t mess up. And he wants you as part of his family.

The young people enjoyed a great variety of activities including parachute games, jumping castle, Water balloon volleyball, music, dance, games, craft, and decorating their own Kids Camp Out reusable bag. They were further encouraged through the Easter story shared during our Bible Trek.

One of the Saturday night activities required the kids to all work together to create a giant KCO using their bodies to form the letters, an amazing fete they accomplished without speaking!

We were also blessed with a visit from the UCA NSW Synod Pulse team, Karen Mitchell-Lambert and Joyce Tangi as part of their Regional listening campaign which was a great encouragement to our leaders.

Overall a very successful and rewarding opportunity for the children and leaders who attended, to share in the ministry and message of the Gospel.

Neena Evans

2019 Riverina KCO Coordinator