Worship & Preaching Resources

Lectionary/Preaching Resources:

The Text This Week is a lectionary based portal containing links to a huge list of lectionary reflections by people from all over the world, including many people from Australia.  Each week the site shares links to people who have written out their sermons, reflections, lectionary resources, children’s sermons and creative expressions of the text for those of you who are wanting to learn from their own experiences of the text.

The Billabong is a beautiful, simple blog by Jeff Shrowder, a retired minister within the UCA in  Victoria. The Billabong hosts a collection of poetry, prayer, responsive liturgies and  Psalm for use within the context of worship.

Bill Loader’s Lectionary & Preaching website, “first thoughts on passages from the Gospels and the Epistles in the lectionary.” This is one of the best online collections of reflections on scripture and it’s from an intelligent Australian voice, a resource that is a “must visit” for people planning for worship each week.

Howard Wallace’s Old Testament Weekly Lectionary Readings is a great & growing collection of reflections on the Old Testament readings in the RCL. The comments are the result of an engagement with the text by the writer, bearing in mind the historical and literary context of the readings, the other readings set for the week, the season in the Christian year, and events that are taking place around us.

Anna Grant Henderson’s Old Testament Readings Website is no longer being updated by Anna, but it’s still full of great and useful reflections on the Old Testament readings within the Lectionary by a really intelligent and insightful Australian OT scholar.

Bruce Prewer’s collection of Lectionary Liturgy and Sermon resources is a fantastic and very useful site full of resources ready for adaption and use.  Bruce is a retired minister within the UCA.

Laughing Bird a gift to the wider Church from the South Yarra Community Baptist Church in Melbourne, Australia. Laughing Bird is a lectionary based resource with Australian paraphrases of scripture, liturgy and prayers.

Howard Wallace’s Old Testament Lectionary Resources.  Howard is a Minister in the Uniting Church in Australia and formerly Professor of Old Testament in the Centre for Theology and Ministry, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania. These reflections are a great resource for people exploring the Old Testament readings from the RCL.

Liturgy & Worship Resources:

The Assembly’s Worship Working Group has compiled new resources and guidelines to be used by Uniting Church congregations and Presbyteries.
They are available online here: New Worship Resources 2018

Lectionary Liturgies is a fantastic site where the author, Thom Shuman shares his lectionary based liturgies for people to use within their worship context. Thom also runs another site, Prayers4Today that shares prayers for use in personal and corporate worship.

Liturgies Online is Moira Laidlaw’s website and hosts a large collection of lectionary-themed liturgies (including prayers and hymn suggestions) for use by worship leaders and preachers. Moira is based within the UCA in Queensland

Spill The Beans is a beautifully designed and prepared resource for people interested in developing all-age worship within their congregation. The resource is developed in the UK so when the prayers are talking summer it’s winter here, but it’s still well worth the look and well worth purchasing their quarterly liturgical resource.  If you don’t want to buy the resources you’ll still be able to check out their powerpoint background ideas, regular prayers and reflections on the lectionary.

Ten Minutes on a Tuesday is a collection of resources developed for worship leaders and preachers by the Methodist Church of New Zealand. It is given in Word format to allow you to edit and rework the material for your own context and worship style.

Mustard Seeds is a collection of lectionary based resources and reflections for people leading worship and/or preaching written by Rev Ann Scull from the UCA in Victoria.  On Mustard Seeds you’ll find ideas for children’s talks, themes, activities to run, liturgies for use, videos to use, stories to tell, images for use and book resources to assist with the worship leader each week.

David Beckswith’s liturgy and worship website has a large collection of sermon, hymn suggestions and liturgy ideas all sorted into the 3 year lectionary cycle for use by worship leaders and preachers. David’s based within the UCA in Melbourne.

Music Resources:

Lectionary Song is a website developed and kept up to date by Natalie Sims, based in Brunswick, Victoria. the site lists a great selection of traditional and alternative hymns for worship that are appropriate for and fit within the lectionary readings for each Sunday. This is a fantastic resource for those of you who are planning worship each Sunday and, perhaps (like myself) are hopeless at choosing hymns.

Together To Celebrate is a lectionary based website created & kept up to date by Rev Dave MacGregor, a minister within the UCA in Queensland. These selections of songs include the AHB but also include songs from Hillsong, Praise and Worship, the all Together series and more. Keep an eye out for some of the songs that have been written by Dave himself, many of which you may already know and use in worship.

Spirited and Singing is the site of Lucy Graham who has a lot of experience in, not only leading worship but also in writing music for worship and also coordinated a contemporary music network in Victoria for the UCA. Lucy’s blog has a number of great resources for those of you leading / thinking about music within the context of church & worship.

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