With Love to the World

A daily devotional guide that provides a reflection on a Bible passage for each day of the year.

During these challenging times, many people are seeking ways to find meaning, encouragement, and hope for life, and are keen to maintain and deepen their faith and sense of community/connectedness with their church and other Christians.

With Love to the World has been meeting these needs for the past 45 years with its daily commentaries on lectionary and associated Bible passages, prayer suggestions, and questions for individuals and groups.

With Love to the World is now available as an app, as well as in booklet form, making it easily available wherever you may be. The annual subscription is just $24.00.

To subscribe:

  • Search your App Store or Play Store for “With Love to the World”
  • For booklets, contact our office via
    Email: jyjhpn@ovtcbaq.pbz
    or phone (02) 9747 1369
  • Visit our website http://www.withlovetotheworld.org.au/

For more information, contact the Editor, Dr Peter Butler via
email: ohgyre@jnttn.arg.nh

User Feedback

Dr Deirdre Palmer, the former President of the Uniting Church in Australia Assembly writes:

“With Love to the World is an inspiring Australian resource which supports the daily practice of prayer and reflection on Scripture and the light it shines on our daily lives. . . . The writers of With Love to the World are gifted leaders in the life of the Australian church, who draw from their own ministry praxis to inform and encourage us in Christian discipleship and resource us for engagement in God’s mission in the world. I commend this resource to local churches and individual members of the Uniting Church”.

Revd Simon Hansford, a former Moderator of the Uniting Church NSW Synod, comments:

“One of the gifts for decades in the life of our Uniting Church, has been—and still is—With Love to the World. It has deepened our devotions, informed our preaching and diversified our hymn selection. Small groups have wrestled with the questions, and new mission has arisen from their consideration.”

Others write:

“I like that I can trust the content, and that they challenge me. I like that I learn something new every day” (ACT).

“It helps to keep me disciplined about doing a daily devotion. It sits on my bedside and I see it when I wake up. I use it every morning” (Queensland).

“Always interesting, informative, and refreshing” (Anglican from Victoria).

“It’s amazingly good value for money” (Western Australia).