Training Courses for Uniting Church People.

A variety of training courses are offered for Uniting Church people. In NSW many courses are facilitated by Uniting Mission and Education (UME). This link is to their home page, the page has a few link headings to guide you to further explore their web site.

Rather than re-invent the wheel and try to keep up with the changes in courses you are encouraged to go straight to the source for accurate and up-to-date information.

In many cases the instructions for enrolment are included in the UME course details.

For members of Uniting Churches in the Riverina Presbytery assistance may be available for paying the course fees.

For more information on how Riverina Presbytery Presbytery can help or for other questions relating to training and development please contact
Discipleship and Education Chairperson –
Email: ynubsszna@ovtcbaq.pbz
Discipleship & Education Secretary –