Induction of Rev. Janice McWhinney

Riverina Presbytery Chairperson Sheila Ayliffe with Rev. Janice and Hunter McWhinney 11 April 2019.

On Saturday 11th May, Sheila Ayliffe, Chairperson of the Riverina Presbytery, inducted Rev. Janice McWhinney into the Wagga Wagga Uniting Church Placement.

Dallas Tout, dep mayor Wagga Wagga, Dr Jo McGirr state mp, Sheila Ayliffe, Rev Janice and Hunter McWhinney, Rev Carolyn and Pastor Andrew Thornley.

It was a joyous occasion, attended by over 100 people, including Wagga State MP, Dr Joe McGirr, Wagga Deputy Mayor, Dallas Tout and the Rev Father Kevin O’Reilly of the Roman Catholic fraternity. Janice will spend 75% of her time with the Wesley congregation and 25% of her time with the Pilgrim congregation, working there alongside Rev Yvonne Ghavalas, who spends 40% of her Southern Community Minister time with Pilgrim. Originally from Scotland, Janice has been a Uniting Church Minister in Australia for 15 years, including most recently as RAAF Chaplain at Forest Hill. Janice is married to Hunter McWhinney, formerly Teacher and Boarding Master at Scotch Uniting Church College in Melbourne.

Rev Yvonne Ghavalas 

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