Hillston and Gunbar Multi-Centred Congregation

Worship Centres:

Hilston Uniting Church
Gratton St
Hillston, NSW (map)

Goolgowi Uniting Church
18 Napier St
Goolgowi, NSW (map)

between Peeny and Farrer St

Gunbar Uniting Church
Close to Mid-Western Highway
King St
Gunbar NSW

GPS Grid reference: 34° 02′ 47″ S  145° 23′ 36″ E

Merriwagga Soldiers Memorial Uniting Church
Corner of Marne and Fingal Streets,
Merriwagga, NSW 2652 (map)

Worship Times

  • Hillston: 10:30am every Sunday
  • Goolgowi: 9.30am third Sunday
  • Gunbar: 11.30am third Sunday
  • Merriwagga Soldiers Memorial Church: 9.30am fourth Sunday

Contact Information

  • Postal Address –
    P O BOX 2
  • Phone: 02 6967 1330
  • Email: wyebfr@tznvy.pbz

Community Engagement

  • Annual Merriwagga Spring Luncheon with entertainment in September.
  • Annual Hillston Uniting Church Luncheon in conjunction with the Ourback Garden Club.
  • A Service of Solace is held 3 weeks before Christmas for people who have experienced loss and bereavement.
  • SRE in Hillston Central School Primary
  • We provide pastoral care and worship services for the aged care facilities in Hillston

Hillston-Gunbar has a welfare account to assist people in our area who are in crises. We also provide special on-going financial support for local families in need.

Merriwagga Church Hall is the social hub of that tiny community each week for fellowship and craft.

Depending on time, man-power and financial resources we will strive to embrace opportunities for mission, recognise the spiritual gifts in others and encourage their growth and use.

We will continue to work together with the community and other denominations and faiths by being a continuing witness to Jesus Christ

Our Vision Statement:

Our Vision Statement is to be an inclusive, generous and courageous faith community that reaches out to form relationships that transform lives and communities.

More About Hillston-Gunbar
Multi-centred Congregaton.

Our 4 congregations are 40; 60 and 94 kms from Hillston, respectively, so it is important that our scattered congregations feel part of the one Hillston-Gunbar Multi-centred.

Like most congregations in the Riverina Presbytery we are lay-led and have been for many years.

Hillston depends on Baptist and Anglican Churches more now that we ever did. And this is reciprocal. When we are short on a preacher our people are directed to one of the other churches. We share with the Baptists the first Sunday of each month, alternating our places of worship and include the Anglicans whenever they can arrange a service. Our relationship with the other denominations has been greatly strengthened and continues to grow.

Last updated August 2021

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