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SRE Training info January 2018

SRE training DVD Modules 1-4 developed by GodSpace will be available for loan across the Riverina soon. However, the Webinar for Module 5 is being scheduled for Friday Feb 17th. This would be a great refresher for any SRE teacher (and can be used to satisfy the 2 hour ongoing training) and for those people wanting to become an SRE teacher would enable them to do the module that is not included in the training DVD’s.

Details below:

Webinar Module 5 only Saturday Feb 17, 2018
February 17, 2018
Hosted at Baptist Ministry Centre (Epping)
Epping, NSW

 This is for all SRE teachers – Primary & High School – experienced and new – of all denominations who are not able to physically attend SRE training for Module 5.

8:45am – 11:30am      We will be covering Module 5 – SRE and the Bible

This is a webinar (done live via the internet and computer) that can be done in the comfort of your home or church on your own or with others (we encourage it be done with others).

You will be able to type in questions to be addressed by the presenter.

This is an interactive Bible overview to help teachers have a good understanding of when/where people and events fit into God’s Story for us all. Looks at the history and development of the Bible, the major themes, the different literary forms, the meaning of authorship as a partnership of God and humans, the timeline and maps.  It’s not all about what we know about the Bible – but how do we communicate that to children and youth.

This training is geared towards helping each SRE teacher be the best they can be, regardless of their experience and competence or curriculum used. The teaching presented in all five Modules is in line with the Essential SRE Training Standard required for SRE teachers, agreed interdenominationally through ICCOREIS (Inter Church Commission on Religious Education in Schools) in 2011.

Sign in on line at 8:45am, to check all is working.

To Register go to :

The $10 per person for the module includes printable material (you download) with key points of the training and a certificate of attendance.

Enquiries to Cheryl Clendinning  O481 299 533

Additional information regarding SRE training is below

 SRE Teacher Training

SRE Teacher basic and enrichment training aims to provide new and experienced SRE teachers with a grounding in skills and knowledge relevant to SRE as well as opportunities to enrich their learning over time. There are two main streams of training:
1) Safe Church Awareness Training (Child Protection in a ministry context)
2) SRE Basic and Enrichment training (practical based teaching skills and knowledge for SRE context)

It is a Department of Education requirement that all SRE teachers must complete initial and ongoing training in classroom skills and child protection/safe church awareness training.

SRE Teacher Basic & Enrichment Training

Do you want to equip yourself to be an effective witness to the gospel in the classroom? Are you looking for further encouragement in this ministry and to learn together with other SRE teachers?

SRE Teacher training is being held in various locations across NSW. The training is facilitated by different groups including different denominational groups, Christian SRE as well as accredited SRE trainers. Many SRE teacher training sessions can credit towards the SRE Basic Training Certificate.  Make sure you keep a record of any courses you attend and submit details to your denomination to formalise your accreditation.

Across NSW, the bar is being raised in terms of the training SRE teachers are required to do and this is becoming more uniform across authorised providers of SRE (denominations). Taking the time to participate in training and enrichment programs is one of the best ways to continue to reflect on your own practice as an SRE teacher, build skills and knowledge, and also to meet other local teachers and share tips and stories.

The Inter-Church Commission on Religious Education in Schools (ICCOREIS) have worked hard to ensure each SRE teacher basic training course fits a common framework. This framework is based on 6 modules:

1)     SRE in NSW Government Schools
2)     Teaching & the development of students
3)     Preparing and delivering a lesson
4)     Classroom Management
5)     Bible and worldview
6)     Classroom observation and feedback

The idea being that people can attend and complete modules over time in a medium that suits them (eg. workshops, online, modules, etc.) through a number of organisations and denominations which are cross-accredit each others training – Similar to the shared SCTA Safe Church workshops.

A parallel framework which provides avenues for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) will also be available soon, to ensure we recognise the efforts many SRE who have already attained qualification and training in the different core module subject areas.

Flexible Learning
(Distance Education Modules)

Whilst face-to-face interaction is the preferred method for developing teaching and learning skills, those who are keen to learn more or update their skills but can’t attend a training session due to distance or time constraints need options! Christian SRE has developed an audio and self guided workbook version of the SRE Teacher Basic Training Certificate. For more information on this method see:

DVD modules have also been produced by Godspace for small group settings. These are available to purchase via the following website LINK.
Two copies are available for loan via UME if the cost is an issue for you – contact Emma Parr 02 8838 8977