Presbytery Bi Annual Meetings

Each year, Riverina Presbytery holds two full meetings usually in February and August – when representatives from all congregations in the five regions gather together to be brought up to date with the life of the Presbytery.

All church members are welcome to the Presbytery meeting though any voting which takes place is confined to the elected church’s representatives, Presbytery Committee Members and Members of Presbytery.

The gathering usual started with morning tea and a chance to catch up with people who live a long way from each other, the Riverina Presbytery is large.

Presbytery usually meets on a Saturday with arrivals from 9:30 am, there is a short devotional with Holy Communion starting at 10:00am. This is followed by attending to business matters, there is a break for lunch and close of the meeting by 3:00 pm or shortly after.

There are a number of committees that meet at other times to attend to business matters arising, preparing proposals and handling the day to day matters within the Presbytery

During the service the sacrament of Holy Communion is celebrated