Visit to Gunbar Uniting Church

The Good Samaritan
Jesus, Martha and Mary








(above) Stained Glass windows in Gunbar Church

Left to Right Andrew Thornley, Glenys Flanagan, Joyce Clark, Carolyn Thornley inside Gunbar Church

While visiting the Northern Region, Carolyn and Andrew Thornley took the opportunity to drive out to Gunbar, between Goolgowi and Hay on the Mid-Western Highway. There standing solitary in the area that used to be the little township of Gunbar is the Uniting Church, a historic building that dates back to 1934. All other features of a town have gone but the church remains in beautiful condition, a witness to the faithful believers down the ages. We were shown around the church by members of the congregation, Glenys Flanagan and Joyce Clark. The outstanding and precious feature of this church is 8 stained glass windows, paid for by church families of the 1930s and crafted by the Sydney artisans Ashwin and Radecki. We thank Glenys and Joyce for their warm hospitality and pray that the Gunbar church (part of the Hillston-Gunbar congregation) may continue as a light on the plain for all to love and appreciate.