Backyard at Mayrung NSW

Mayrung is a small farming community about 30 km northeast of Deniliquin and part of the Uniting Church congregation of Deniliquin. There is irrigated farming in the district, though no water allocations for most of the year and the farmers are not convinced that right decisions are being made. Riverina Presbytery has already written to local MP, Austin Evans, about this and will continue the correspondence. On Sunday 25th November 2018, Andrew Thornley attended a service at the home of John and Lorraine Beer, Uniting Church Members on a farm near Mayrung. Joining them were Deniliquin Uniting Church members who support the community in their monthly worship services and once a year attend the Beer home for a church service with a special focus on Frontier Services. On this occasion, the service was led by Bruce Driver, with songs on guitar led by Phil Hodgkinson. After the service, John and Lorraine Beer served up a lovely BBQ lunch and the young people enjoyed the swimming pool and played backyard cricket