Reconciliation Sunday Worship Resources – May 26 2013

Whale story 06bReconciliation Sunday in the last week of May gives us the opportunity to celebrate one of the major themes of our Christian faith and to do so in collaboration with our Aboriginal brothers and sisters with whom we share that faith and this country.

The SA Synod and the UAICC have created resources over the last 7 years to help communities and congregations reflect on the theme of reconciliation. These resources can be used in your worship services, this year’s resource recognises that this weekend is also Trinity Sunday and links in with this liturgically.

You may also be aware that the 26th of May is National Sorry Day.

Please use all or part of these resources in planning worship for this day or they may be used later during NAIDOC week celebrations if this fits in better with your worship planning.

This year’s Reconciliation Sunday recourses (along with previous resources) can be accessed here: