Modern Magnificats

“Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music. ”
— Jimi Hendrix

Date: November 29

Song Title: Yil Lull
YouTube Link – Official Video Clip
YouTube Link – Black Arm Band Live Performance
Question to ponder: I thought this beautiful song might be a good place to start. Yill Lull means “sing” in Guugu Yimithirr. What do you sing for? What inspires you to sing?

Date: November 30

Song Title: Wade In The Water
YouTube Link – Live Performance by Sweet Honey in the Rock
YouTube Link – St. James Missionary Baptist Church of Canton
Question to ponder: How is God troubling the waters in the gospel / in the world today?

Date: December 01

Song Title: Talkin’ ’bout A Revolution
YouTube Link – Live Performance
Youtube Link – Audio Only
Question to ponder: What does a revolution sound like? How will you know one when you hear one?

Date: December 02

Song Title: Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me around
YouTube Link – Performed by The Roots
Youtube Link – Acappella Vocal
Prayer to linger: Thank God for those before us who have had the strength, courage, hope and belief in justice for all and who faced all kinds of violence for standing up for this belief.

Date: December 03

Song Title: We Shall Overcome
YouTube Link – Pete Seeger talks about the history of “We Shall Overcome”
YouTube Link – Performance by Joan Baez
Youtube Link – Mahalia Jackson Vocal
Prayer to linger: Pray for those in the world who are facing injustice, war, devastation & discrimination that they may hear the words of Mary’s song and believe that they too shall overcome. Pray that we have the ability and the willingness to join them in their struggles.

Date: December 04

Song Title: We Have Survived
YouTube Link – Bart Willoughby performing We Have Survived
Prayer to linger: Pray for those who have survived injustice and who now share their stories with others to help heal the world.

Date: December 05

Song Title: Oh Freedom
YouTube Link – The Golden Gospel Singers
Youtube Link – Shirley Verrett
Prayer to linger: Pray for all the slaves in the world. Spend some time on the Stop The Traffic website learning about what you can do to help end slavery.

Date: December 06

Song Title: Ngarraanga
YouTube Link – Emma Donovan Official Clip
Question to ponder: ‘Ngarraanga Ngiinundi Yuludarra’ means ‘Remember your Dreaming.’ How much do our memories rely on the songs we sing?

Date: December 07

Song Title: Lift Every Voice And Sing
YouTube Link – Aretha Franklin Live Performance

Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us,
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us;

Question to ponder: What song will you sing today?

Date: December 08

Song Title: New World In My View
YouTube Link – King Britt – New World In My View audio
Question to ponder: Can you imagine what the new world would look like? Try painting it, drawing it or describing it today.

Date: December 09

Song Title: Took The Children Away
YouTube Link – Live Performance by Archie Roach
Question to ponder: What songs heal you?

Date: December 10

Song Title: Redemption Song
YouTube Link – Bob Marley Audio & Lyrics
Question to ponder: What would it take for each of us to join in songs of freedom?

Date: December 11

Song Title: Is This What We Deserved?
YouTube Link: Kutcha Edwards With The Black Arm Band Live Performance
Question to ponder: What songs are hard to hear? What songs break your heart?

Date: December 12

Song Title: People Get Ready
Youtube Link – The Impressions Audio
Question to ponder: How are you getting ready during Advent?

Date: December 13

Song Title: Welcome Table
YouTube Link – The Welcome Table
Question to ponder: Imagine singing this song when you’re not welcome at a cafe table, or able to vote… What other songs name and confront issues of injustice?

Date: December 14

Song Title: Let My Children Be
YouTube Link – Ruby Hunter, Official Clip
About Ruby Hunter
Question to ponder: Who are the strong female prophets that have influenced you?

Date: December 15

Song Title: We Shall Not Be Moved
YouTube Link – Mavis Staples Audio
Question to ponder: How steadfast are you in the faith that things will change?

Date: December 16

Song Title: Alive In The World
YouTube Link: Jackson Browne audio & Lyrics
Prayer to linger: Pray that you might find new ways this Advent to be alive in the world.

Date: December 17

Song Title: War
YouTube Link: Sinead O’Connor Live Performance

Children, children.


We find it necessary.
We know we will win.
We have confidence in the victory
Of good over evil

Question to ponder: Pray for the confidence in the victory of good over evil and for the faith to act and live in a way that helps it do so.

Date: December 18

Song Title: Are We There Yet?
YouTube Link – The Last Kinection Official Video Clip
Question to ponder: Are you sick of waiting yet? Wouldn’t it be nice to be there by now? There are still a few days of Advent left… we’re not there yet.

Date: December 19

Song Title: On My way To Freedom Land
Youtube Link – Mavis Staples Audio
YouTube Link – Nina Simone Audio
Question to ponder: In his last speech Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. famously said that while he might not get to enter the promised land he been to the mountaintop and had seen it. How do you imagine the promised land, how are you helping others get there?

Date: December 20

Song Title: Our Home Is Our Land
YouTube Link – Black Arm Band Audio
YouTube Link – Lou Bennett and Melbourne Millennium Chorus Live Performance
Prayer to linger: Pray for our country, that it know compassion, that it can be healed.

Date: December 21

Song Title: Woke Up This Morning
YouTube Link – The Freedom Singers Audio
Question to ponder: What did you wake up with your mind set on today?

Date: December 22

Song Title: Cry Freedom
YouTube Link – The Charcoal Club Live Performance
Prayer to linger: Pray for those who still long for, cry for and fight for freedom.

Date: December 23

Song Title: The Revolution Starts… Now
YouTube Link – Steve Earle Audio
YouTube Link – Steve Earle Live Performance
Question to ponder: Are you ready for a revolution? There are rumours being spread by shepherds that one is just around the corner…

Date: December 24

Song Title: From Little Things Big Things Grow
YouTube Link – Kev Carmody, Paul Kelly & John Butler Live Performance
YouTube Link: Get Up Stand Up Version & Video
YouTube Link: Archie Roach & Sara Storer Live Performance
Question to ponder: What have you learned about the power of song this Advent? What songs will you sing this Christmas?