Communion Liturgies

Darren Wright has curated a couple of liturgies that we’ve used in worship within presbytery gatherings.

As there has been a number of requests for copies of these liturgies from participants of these gatherings we’ve decided to add them to the worship resources on the website.

You can download the liturgies below, but you might be wondering where two of the prayers/reflection came from.

The first piece was titled “Broken & Scattered” and came from the book:

Gifts in Open Hands
More Worship Resources for the Global Community
By Maren Tirabassi & Kathy Wonson Eddy
ISBN 9780829818390

Broken & Scattered

The Ears of wheat are broken and scattered
on the hillside to grow.

Gathered, they are broken again
and scattered through the towns to make bread.

The bread is scattered to each home
and broken to give nourishment.

Broken and scattered, broken and scattered,
and some becomes the Lord’s body broken for us

as we are the people of God scattered throughout the country
and, perhaps, broken to give nourishment to others.

by Isobel de Gruchy, South Africa

The second piece, Communion Prayer, a piece I like to use in three voices came from:

Grace Pocket Liturgies
released through Proost
available as a pdf.

Communion Prayer

Word becomes flesh
flesh becomes bread
bread becomes body
body becomes word

God is bread
bread is broken
pain becomes wine
wine becomes joy

Wine bursts the wineskins
God bursts the tomb
bread bursts into song
Holy, holy, holy…

Video Prayer – The Lord’s Prayer

Just Prayers – The Lord’s Prayer (No subtitles) from mark pierson on Vimeo.
Link: A Communion Liturgy (Presbytery February 2014)

Link: A Communion Liturgy (Rural Ministry Conference 2013)

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