Ruminations – Newsletter of the Rural Ministry Unit

Ruminations is the publication of the Rural Ministry Unit, produced quarterly Ruminations shares news and stories form the Uniting Church in rural communities of NSW and the ACT.

Current Edition: 2015-05-01 – Ruminations – Issue 113 (pdf)

Contents of: 2015-05-01 – Ruminations – Issue 113 (pdf)

Editor’s Note
Finding The Light In The Darkness – The Paradox of Good Friday
The Coming by RS Thomas
Isolated But Well Educated – Nyngan Comes Alive
Easter – Looking For Jesus In The Wrong Places
Macquarie-Darling Presbytery Mission & Assets Project
On Heroes
Do not leave your luggage unattended

Current Edition: 2014-12-01 – Ruminations – Issue 112 (pdf)

Contents of: 2014-12-01 – Ruminations – Issue 112 (pdf)

Christmas in the bush – or at least not in the city.
For Small Congregations – Project Reconnect
Project Reconnect is Vital to the Church
Christmas letter 2014
3 Reflections From the Murray Darling Basin Tour. 31st Aug – 7th Sept 2014
The Angel’s Message
3 Christmas Picture Books

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